S1E1 – Mixtapes: An Overview

Heard Records & Chestology presents S1E1, of “The Heard Records Show”, where Prezzy & Domincello dive into the world of mixtapes and their role in shaping hip-hop culture. In this episode of “The Heard Records Show”, we take a journey back to the origins of mixtapes, tracing their evolution from early street parties to becoming a vital platform for both DJs and rappers. So, whether you’re a die-hard hip-hop head or a curious listener eager to uncover the hidden gems of hip-hop history, this episode promises a deep dive into the untold stories behind mixtapes and their profound impact on the genre. 


S1E2 – Max B: Million Dollar Baby 2

Heard Records & Chestology presents S1E2, of “The Heard Records Show”, where Prezzy & Domincello discuss one of hip-hop’s most enigmatic artists, Max B. Join us as we explore his captivating journey through the music industry and his unique style that has left an indelible mark. He is best known for his solo Public Domain and Million Dollar Baby series of mixtapes, and introducing the term “wavy” as slang in popular lexicon. From his collaborations with notable figures like Jim Jones and Cam’ron to the intricate melodies that define his sound, we’ll unravel the mystery surrounding Max B’s rise in the rap game. Get ready for a deep dive into his background, musical influences, and the distinctive hooks that have garnered him a dedicated following.


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